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Light Beings & Snow Globes

So here we are the day after the original opening date of Light Beings, my first group photography show along side fellow photogs holly J haroz and Vegas Giovanni. Leading up to our opening night event it was a feverish race to get everything printed, framed and hung on the walls by January 6th...a race with mother nature. The entire day before and day of all signs and news reports pointed to a Snowpocolipse 2.0 like there was a few years back so we were all on edge with the impending bad weather and what to do about it. Do we go through with our plans and risk people coming out and possibly getting stranded or having an accident? Or do we cancel and save everyone a trip and possible danger? The day before and the day of the event was a string of apologies, "I'm so sorry I won't be at your event..." so we ultimately decided to postpone the opening event and extend the show another week. With our show postponed but not wanting to waste the day completely, our curator Stephanie Magaldi asked us to all come to the venue Blue Mark Studio to gather and talk about rescheduling. It was a little strange to have built up so much momentum and then to not reap the benefits of our efforts, but we got to organize and enjoy the delicious food prepared by Kathy's Kitchen which was meant for our guests but we devoured instead. I'll say this...going with the flow, moving forward and not looking back helps a lot when things are out of your control. With Mother Nature's input, Light Beings opening event will now be Friday, January 13th so come out and enjoy some great food, live dance, video mapping installation, and of course some beautiful photography.

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